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    The future development direction of mold manufacturing

    Core Tip: The future development direction of mold manufacturing: mechanized operation; plastic mold prospects; fully automated mold equipment

    First, mechanized operation

    With the development of economic globalization, the situation in the Chinese market has been constantly changing. Developed countries have proposed “re-industrialization” and regained the competitive advantage of manufacturing with artificial intelligence, robotics and digital manufacturing. It is difficult for Chinese mold companies to continue to rely on low-cost competitiveness. Moreover, molds are widely used in various fields, and there are more and more requirements for mold equipment. Therefore, mold manufacturing requires technological innovation and development towards standardized unmanned processing, which is an inevitable trend.

    Second, unmanned, also known as automation. Unmanned chemical plants have become quite popular abroad, especially in the fields of automobiles, home appliances, and mold manufacturing. Almost all of these production lines are operated by robots, and the assistants play a role in the side. For example, in some factories where plastic mold parts are produced, unmanned production can be realized. At present, mold manufacturing is developing in the direction of less humanization and unmanned processing. In an unmanned chemical plant using artificial intelligence, production orders and raw materials are fed from one end of the plant, through product design, process design, production processing and inspection packaging, and finally output from the other end of the plant. All work is done by computer-controlled robots, CNC machine tools, unmanned trolleys and automated warehouses. Automation is pushing for standardization, and another value brought about in the process of implementing automation is to promote the standardization process. Customers demand shorter lead times, production processes are shrinking, product accuracy requirements are increasing, prices continue to fall, and competition is increasingly global. All of these requirements must be met with greater flexibility, higher quality and higher productivity. In the long run, there is only one solution available – automation! Unmanned is a development direction for future manufacturing plants.

    Third, the prospect of plastic mold

    In the manufacturing process, especially in the process of industrial production of mechanical parts, various functional parts must be formed by mold. Nowadays, more and more production companies use plastic molds to produce parts and processes, which also reduces production costs for enterprises.

    In recent years, China's plastic molds have developed rapidly. At present, the proportion of plastic molds in the entire mold industry is about 30%, and the proportion in the import and export of molds is as high as 50-70%. With the rapid development of China's machinery, automobiles, home appliances, electronic information and building materials, and other national economic pillar industries, this proportion will continue to increase.

    According to experts' prediction, the overall heat trend of the mold market is stable and upward. In the future mold market, the development speed of plastic molds will be higher than other molds, and the proportion in the mold industry will gradually increase.

    Due to the complex shape and flexible design of plastic parts, there are high requirements for mold materials, design level and processing equipment. However, there is still a big gap between China's mold design and manufacturing level compared with developed countries. It is necessary to break through the mold industry as soon as possible. The three major bottlenecks of development: exhibition, speeding up resource integration; third, the level of tooling test results, etc. must be followed as soon as possible to increase the research and development of plastic materials and injection molding technology; second, mold enterprises should send to the park, otherwise The development of plastic molds will be constrained.

    Third, fully automated mold equipment

    The development of the mold industry has encountered bottlenecks. How to solve the current mold industry has developed into a bottleneck. If it is not reformed and reformed, it will only be eliminated. Back to the 1990s, as long as there are several injection molding machines, it is possible to inject and produce plastic products by buying some raw materials. That era was in short supply, as long as there is demand for goods, but now is the era of overcapacity, more and more plastic mold factories, competition is getting bigger and bigger, can not keep up with the pace of the market will fall behind, have a sensitive sense of smell What is the trend of predicting the future development of plastic mold factory? What should you pay attention to?

    First of all, to predict which plastic products will be welcomed by consumers and the market in the future, and which products will be eliminated by the market, to do in-depth market research, if you can not fully plan and prepare, do not easily advancing, plastic mold, this It means that it is necessary to distinguish between the types of plastics and the types of molds. From plastics, different raw materials will produce different plastic products. It is also a mobile phone case. It was PC plastic, followed by silicone and rubber. Behind the leather case, hardware, and now there is a new called EVA material, so to target the needs of the market, and constantly create new quality, steady and steady, in order to stand out in the peers.

    Secondly, it is necessary to predict the quality and output requirements of the plastic mold industry in the future, and to prepare for upgrading its own technology. Because the quality and badness of the mold affect the quality of the product and the root cause of the output, how can the mold be made with high precision? Under the condition of low cost and high efficiency, the production of qualified parts in a longer time and more mode is the place we want to improve. The design of the parts should be reasonable, and the best structural scheme should be selected as much as possible. The designer of the parts should take into account the technical requirements of the parts and their structure must conform to the craftability and feasibility of the mold manufacturing. Improve the surface wear resistance of the mold parts to better improve the quality of the mold. For surface strengthening, different strengthening methods should be used according to the molds for different purposes.

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